Mozilla Will Soon Stop Shipping Firefox 3.6 To Users!

mozilla firefox 4.0 beta 8As you all know Mozilla development team is way behind its schedule in releasing Firefox 4.0. Mozilla had decided to release Firefox 4.0 in middle of November. But they are still stuck up with more than 450 blockers to fix-up.

Well as said before in our previous article, Firefox 4 Beta 8 will be shipped to user in sometime today. Beta 8 is still not officially out in the market as Mozilla team is investigating one possible issue before being ready to push live.

But you can download the latest build of Beta 8 through ftp server here. When the official download link goes live later today, Firefox will be available in 57 languages.

firefox 4 beta 8

According to the release notes of Firefox 4 Beta 8, there are three main updates

  • The Firefox Sync setup experience has been greatly improved across desktop and mobile devices
  • Speed, functionality, and compatibility improvements to WebGL
  • Additional polish for the Firefox Add-ons Manager

Blocker/Bug Report:

In today’s Firefox/Gecko Development Meeting, Mozilla team said they have following number of bugs in their plate,

This clearly tells Firefox 4 Beta 9 will be available before this year end.

End of Firefox 3.6!

firefox 3.6

Well here comes the shocking news for all. As Mozilla is inching towards the first RC of Firefox 4.0, they want to shut Firefox 3.6 to clear path for Firefox 4.

Currently Mozilla team is fixing about 40 blockers per week. As said above they have 466 blockers in totally and it may take 10-12 weeks to clear them. So the team is looking at 10-12 more weeks of development time, which still isn’t fast enough.

Keeping all this in mind Mozilla has started thinking about the future of Firefox 3.6 and they may stop shipping it anytime from now.

Will Mozilla team get hit by this early decision? Please share your views ;)

Vinay Gowda

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  • Icechen1

    They better hurry; FF3.6 looks pretty blend compared to other major browsers out there now.

    • Vinay Gowda

      I strongly agree with you buddy. Firefox 3.6 has served for long time now and it's time for it make room for Firefox 4.0.

      Thanks for sharing your views :)

  • Pavithra

    Firefox 3.6 was good.let us how is the new version.Thanks for sharing.

  • Hyder

    I agree with @Icechen1, mozilla needs to release 4.0 ASAP or else they will loose more users to chrome =D

  • Vivek Parmar

    didn't know as already firefox 4.0 beta is there might be in new year it comes as a full-fledged version??

  • julia

    I hope they get it out soon. Love Firefox.

  • Doru

    I hope the final version will come soon

  • Goutham

    Thanks for the share. For me mozilla 3.6 is very cool for working.

  • Madav

    Looking for Firefox 4 stable release.I was impressed with the beta.

  • Mani Viswanathan

    It's a good move by Mozilla :)

  • Sam

    Good news, I love firefox, but too late. I've moved on chrome.

  • luis@Online Printing

    I can't wait till firefox 4 gets released. I hope it confirms that it's the best web browser without a doubt.