Mozilla Revamps Firefox UI Again! – Looks Exactly Like Chrome?

Welcome back Mozilla. Yeah of course our best readers as well! Wondering why @Tech18 is welcoming Mozilla? Because finally they woke-up and said, “Yes we want to get back to Browsers War and we haven’t lost it yet!”.

Let’s have a small flashback : Two and half years back, when Google entered  the battle of Browsers War with it’s sleek and slim Chrome Browser, which attracted almost all the web users, as the UI design was way too different from FireFox and Internet Explorer at that point of time.

What Google Chrome provided from past two and half years is what we are able to see in latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. They were not having any other way other than bending their head and revamping everything to catch up with Chrome.

Mozilla went one step ahead and started adopting Chrome as their UX model and started revamping Firefox which we caught during Firefox 4 build. And here we got one more design mock-up of future Firefox browser and you will definitely like the feel of the UI.

On Mac,

Firefox UI change on Mac - Homepage

Firefox UI change on Mac - Tabs

Firefox UI change for Mac - Add-ons

Firefox UI change for Mac - Add-ons Drag 'n Drop

Firefox UI change for Mac - Add-ons on Settings Menu

Firefox UI change for Mac - Full-screen mode

On Windows,

Firefox UI change for Windows

Firefox UI change for Windows - Full-screen mode

Don’t you think, you just scrolled through a cloned version of Chrome with only few customized buttons as same in case of Rockmelt Browser (which is running in Chromium Build)?  Damn! Not again Mozilla!

Well Mozilla is really working hard on  the UI, which is changing  from version to version and yet they haven’t come up with a finalized UI. By now we already know that the trend of reduced Browser Interfaces will continue and Browser makers will come up with new ways to increase the number of pixels dedicated to apps and web pages and decrease the number of pixels in the browser interface.

If you see the mock up, most of the features from Firefox menu have been moved out to make it more easily reachable to user. The menu appears to be only providing core functionality as well as add-ons at first sight, while the user can choose to extend the menu on an individual basis.

When compared between Windows and Mac design, Mac Firefox design looks prettier than that of Windows! As a Windows user most of us would like to see a similar design as of Mac! Hope they are hearing to us.

Ok now! What do you think about the latest design UX by Mozilla team? Are you happy with it? Which browser would you like to support? Share your thoughts.

Vinay Gowda

Working in IT industry from past couple of years. Avid blogger, crazy about mobiles especially about Android powered devices! Tech is all you get out of me! Blogs at LetzWrite

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  • Anonymous

    That’s so kind of u Neha :) Thanks buddy :D

  • Steven M

    Nice post. Absolutely *love* the proposed (or just conceptual?) Mac revamp. Looks pretty much perfect. Glad it’d get rid of some of the wasted top space at the top. I want to see this in the FF 7 Beta – or better still, just slap it onto the current v6 Beta :)