IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

browsers race html5 test11 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari…… which one you like? Which one you will use? Confused! Isn’t it?

All these browsers are getting updated day by day and getting ready for biggest Browsers War! Yes, we are nearing to see the ultimate war and again, it’s interesting.

Just an Update!

Following are the few latest buzz happening around web world,

  1. Google Chrome 9 Build Started
  2. Firefox 4 Beta 7 and Chrome 8 Beta by early November
  3. Firefox 4 and Chrome 9 by early 2011
  4. Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 6 is out!
  5. Opera 11 Alpha is online

HTML5, the Future of Web!

Hope by now you all know what is HTML5 and how it is going to change the web world. HTML5 comes with lot of tags which started replacing much wanted software like Adobe Flash. This new version of HTML do forced all the browsers to get updated. And also forced Adobe to find a solution for keeping Flash alive!

Browsers Vs HTML5

As we said before all browsers getting updated and one of the reason is HTML5. Here is how our latest builds scored in HTML5 test,

#1. Google Chrome 9.0.568.0 Build 64415

google chrome 9 html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

We must agree, right now Google Chrome is the best browser to test HTML5 tags. As you can see in the image, Chrome 9 build scores 271(262 + 9 Bonus) out of 377 points.

#2. Firefox 4 Beta 8 Pre

fire 4 beta 8 pre html5 test score iamge1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Well Mozilla team is already well behind their schedule and Firefox 4 is kept on delaying. Hope they will stick to their new schedule and release Firefox 4 by early 2011. As compared to Beta 6 Firefox has updated few HTML5 elements.

#3. Opera 11 Alpha

opera 11 alpha html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Opera team is working somewhat similar to Google Chromium team and releasing some better browser versions. Opera recently shifted to ver.11 with alpha tag. Well the latest version of Opera scored 230 out of 377 which are well ahead of previous version (210/377).

#4. Safari 5.0.2 webkit 70599

apple safari 5 0 2 html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Apple’s Safari browser also got some updates and scored 198(196 + 2 bonus) out of 377. Hope they will wake up and catch up with Browsers war.

#5. Internet Explorer 9 PP6

internet explorer 9 html5 test score image1 IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!

Internet Explorer 9 was expected to be one of the best browser and it failed to impress. IE9 Beta 1 too got some ultimate features and still updating HTML5. Compared to previous test, this time IE9 scored 95(90 + 5 bonus) out of 133 points.

These are latest results of HTML5 test which we tested with all the latest browser versions. As always Chrome top the list and considered as best browser for HTML5 updates.

Tech Link: HTML5 Browser Test

Do you think IE9 will give tough competition for other browsers and get back to Browsers war? Share your thoughts icon smile IE9 PP6 Updates HTML5; Chrome Still Leads!


Yet Another Zero-Day Attack On Firefox!

firefox 41 Yet Another Zero Day Attack On Firefox!

Firefox is inching towards its next Beta release and here comes another blow there plan. Firefox users are under attack again!

Zero-Day: A zero-day (or zero-hour or day zeroattack or threat is a computer threat that tries to exploit computer application vulnerabilities that are unknown to others or undisclosed to the software developer.

If you guys remember, on February 18, 2010 Firefox had faced some allegations due to same zero-day attack. The vulnerability was determined to be critical and resulted in remote code execution by an attacker. That time the vulnerability was in version 3.6 of Firefox.

Soon after they found this critical threat, Firefox released Firefox 3.6.2 and fixed the issue.

nobelprize logo1 Yet Another Zero Day Attack On Firefox!

Zero-day attack on Firefox is back again. According to researchers at Norman ASA, Firefox users who surfed to the nobleprize.org site were silently infected with Belmoo, a Windows Trojan that gives the attacker complete control of the machine.

The issue was successful found on Firefox versions 3.5 and 3.6, according to Norman. And they continue saying, once the site got clicked, it connects to two Internet addresses

  1. l-3com.dyndns-work.com
  2. l-3com.dyndns.tv

both which point to a server in Taiwan. Mozilla’s security response team is investigating the issue and hope they will fix this issue soon.

Tech Note: We will update only we get some update from Firefox team!.


Update: Chrome Gets Google Cloud Print service

google chrome 7 0 548 build release note1 Update: Chrome Gets Google Cloud Print service

Google says get ready to experience the ultimate things with Chrome web browser. We all know, Google is integrating many web based applications into its browser and making users to get everything at one place.

Yes! I agree Chrome users will surely enjoy all this updates. Google is showing the future of browsing.

We have been updating you with every move of Chromium 7 or for simplicity Chrome 7 project. First we noticed 7 changes in Chrome 7 when compared to Chrome 6. Recently we saw integration of Instant search, UI tabs, Remote hosting in Chrome 7.

Now its time to update more and yes, again we got some new features being integrated in Chrome 7 latest build 7.0.548.0. This time Google moves one step ahead and brought something new. Here are the new features integrated in Chrome,

chrome google cloud print service1 Update: Chrome Gets Google Cloud Print service

Google Cloud Print enables any application (web, desktop, mobile) on any device to print to any printer.

Applications submit print jobs to the service via the web-based common print dialog or API offered by the service. Google Cloud Print then sends the print job to the selected printer which the user has previously registered with the service. A new class of cloud-aware printers connects directly to the service and offers the best user experience. Legacy printers connect to the service via a proxy.

Tech Tip: Learn more about Google Cloud Print

Background Web Apps enable a future app to boot in the background at system startup and continue running even if all Windows have been closed. There was no further information and it is unclear if and when this feature will make it into a beta, developer or final version of Chrome.

Enables WebKit’s XSS Auditor (cross-site scripting protection). This feature aims to protect you from certain attacks of malicious web sites. It improves your security, but it might not be compatible with all web sites.

Tech Tip: Do you remember the recent bom sobando attack on Orkut.com ? Hackers used XSS to attack the website and spread unwanted messages around, that too without any action from a user.

Automatically disables plug-ins with known security vulnerabilities and offers update links for them. Outdated plugins create another loophole for hackers to gain control of your system. Most of the times plugin authors roll out new updates to fix vulnerabilities.

Tech Tip: This is very true in the case of Flash on browsers. That’s why Flash has been integrated in Chrome 6.

These are the new features which have been added about:lab in Chrome latest build. Still we aren’t clear whether these new features will be integrated upcoming Chrome 7 or it is a preparation for Chrome 8.

As we are getting closer to Chrome 7 release these features are making users go crazy about this web browser. Well these features can put Chrome on upper hand in browsers war as compared to Firefox and Internet Explorer 9.

Again! What you feel? These are the best features which other browsers are missing? Share you thoughts and let others know why Chrome is one of the best browser out there icon smile Update: Chrome Gets Google Cloud Print service


No Instant Search Blacklist in Chrome 7

Google chrome 7.0.541 image1 No Instant Search Blacklist in Chrome 7

Google is inching towards its next fully loaded Chrome 7 first public beta in few days down the line. From the day one, we have been updating our users about the every movement of Chrome 7 and some of its amazing features.

Recently we saw Google Instant search is being integrated in Chrome 7 with other great features like GUP Acceleration, HTML5 etc. When we come to web version of Instant search, yesterday a huge list of keyword has been published on net by 2600.com which have been blacklisted by Google.

Many words like i hate, naughty, are, pamela Anderson have got blacklisted on web version of Google Instant search! But there are many words which had to be blacklisted long back by Google and currently been done.

Google chrome 7 instant search blocklist image1 No Instant Search Blacklist in Chrome 7

Still! There is some good news for Google Instant Search lovers. Current nightly build version 7.0.541.0 is working opposite to web version of Instant Search. More than 500 keywords blocked by Google in Instant Search is openly available through Chrome’s integrated search feature.

So its clear. By using latest Chrome build, user can avail the full advantage of Google Instant Search just by typing these keyword in URL bar. Well these words still can be viewed by pressing enter button in web version of Google!

To avail fully fledged Instant search download latest nightly build and follow the steps to enable Google Instant Search in Chrome. Well we may expect these keyword will be blocked in final beta or at least in next nightly build icon smile No Instant Search Blacklist in Chrome 7

Do you like these words to be blocked in final Chrome 7 release? Share your thoughts icon smile No Instant Search Blacklist in Chrome 7