4 Best Google Chrome Extensions for WordPress


Previously I wrote about a tiny Chrome Extension which allows you to to access your blog stats without logging into Dashboard. This extension is a time saver, but I wanted some more extensions which allows me to be more productive on WordPress.

So I found few more extensions which will surely help in saving your time and increase productivity on WordPress. Before having look at the below extensions maks sure you have :

  1. Enable the Remote Publishing:  Got to your blog’s Dashboard-> Settings -> Writing -> Check both “Atom Publishing Protocol” and “XML-RPC ” as shown below :
  2. Chrome Browser 😛

Here are the 4 Best Google Chrome Extension for WordPress:

1. WordPress Stats

This is the extension which will save your time by providing you access to your blog stats. It supports both WordPress.com Free blogs and Self Hosted WordPress blogs. You can read it more about here ~>[How To] Access WordPress Stats via Chrome Extension

Click here to Install WordPress Stats

2. WordPress Checker

WordPress Checker checks for the New Comments, Spam Comments in your blog and notifies as shown above. You can add multiple blogs in the options of the extension by right clicking on the WordPress Checker icon.

Click here to Download WordPress Checker

3. Delectable

Delecatble turns your blog into a Delicious kind of bookmarking site by allowing you to post the current link of the page you are viewing with Title and tags. It also supports WordPress.com blogs 🙂 and in this extension you need to add the login details and the XML-RPC url of your blog.

Click here to Download Delectable

4. RemotePress

RemotePress is a simple chrome extension which allows to write and publish the post without logging into the Dashboard. Currently this extension allows only publishing of post with Title and Body, but this extension will soon have many features, so make sure you install this and stay tuned with it’s upcoming features 😉

Click here to Download RemotePress


If you’re a Firefox fan then have a read here => Top 10 Firefox Add-on for WordPress  😀

So friends, which chrome extension would you love to use more and why ?? 🙂 Hit the Comment Section. Thanks for Reading 😀

Sunil Jain

I am a part-time cool blogger :D, who loves WordPress and Social Media. You can tweet with me => @gupshupblog

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  • I liked the Comments Extension. Seems to be a pretty handy one.

    • I found a similar extension related to comments, but since it doesn’t support multiple blogs, so didn’t include in the list buddy 😉

      Happy Blogging 😀

  • I like the comments and stats extensions. Very handy to let me know what is going on without having to go to the dashboard. Thanks for sharing these!

    • Hi Carolyn 🙂
      Those the only two extensions which I use and they do help me save time by showing me the required stats, number of spam comments and pending comments for multiple blogs 😀

      Happy Blogging !!

  • Hi Sunil very exciting post and  nice stat extensions. I will definitely try to explore it for my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Sunil for providing information on the stat extensions. Really found it useful. Thanks

  • I use WordPress Stats but haven’t heard of those other three… On my way right now to check those out 🙂  Thanks for the info Sunil

  • Superb extensions.. I was looking for something similar.. 

    • Hey bro , which extension did you like the most?? 🙂

      Thanks for commenting 😀