Have you tried Google Toolbar for Chrome??

Google Toolbar Horizontal1 Have you tried Google Toolbar for Chrome??

We have seen Google toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox from very long. But many Chrome users wanted Google to give a toolbar facility in it as well. But Google never spoke about the Toolbar release for Chrome. Here we found a mini-toolbar for Chrome as well.

This mini Google toolbar is a add-on for Chrome and is having very few options in it when compared with the number of options Internet Explorer or Firefox Toolbar. Mini Toolbar includes the following options in it,

  • Google Search
  • iGoogle
  • Gmail
  • Youtube
  • Calendar
  • Docs
  • Reader
  • G-talk
  • Wave
  • Picasa
  • Translate
  • Maps
  • Blogger
  • Web Analytics
  • Sites

When clicked on any of these options a content will be displayed on the New Tab or New Window as the user select this option(Explained below).

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Now let us explain about how you can play with this add-on and the customizable settings which it has.

Q. How to go to settings window from Chrome?

A. Chrome Settings -> Extensions -> select Add-on options

1. Horizontal or Vertical display:

You can customize the add-on to display the features in vertical or horizontal way. Go to the last icon i.e., Settings icon and then just select the setting as shown in the image below,

Google Toolbar Display Style1 Have you tried Google Toolbar for Chrome??

If you select the 4 Columns option then the Toolbar display will be like,

Google Toolbar11 Have you tried Google Toolbar for Chrome??

2. Show name of the icon or not?

You can even select the whether to display name of the icon when you hover on it or not! If you know all the icons of Google products then you may not like to see the display. This option will be selected as below,

Google Toolbar Display Name1 Have you tried Google Toolbar for Chrome??

3. Tab view or Window view:

The next cool feature it has is to display the contents in New Tab or New Window. If you select the New Window option it will popup the new chrome session to display the contents in it. Select this option as shown the image below,

Google Toolbar Display method1 Have you tried Google Toolbar for Chrome??

4. Set Window Size:

If you select the New Window option to display the contents then you can even set the size for the popup window by doing as below,

Google Toolbar Display Size1 Have you tried Google Toolbar for Chrome??

5. Show Sub-menu or not?

Few features like Doc, Calendar etc are having sub-menu options to have more flexible usage of the tools. User has freedom to make it display the sub-menus or just the main option.

Google Toolbar Picasa1 Have you tried Google Toolbar for Chrome??

Toolbar lacks many most wanted tools like Page Rank and Bookmarking! Many bloggers and website owners are mainly crazy about the Page Rank option in Toolbar as it provides where they stand in web-world. Even many people likes bookmarking on Google Toolbar as they can access the Bookmark anytime and anywhere they like.

And this mini toolbar is developed by some 3rd party and not by Google. Mini-toolbar is having certain defects in it, as few buttons are still not working. When we looked in depth of the Toolbar we came to know that it is just a initial beta Version. So lets wait for the final release. But until then let us enjoy the Toolbar icon smile Have you tried Google Toolbar for Chrome??

google toolbar IE1 Have you tried Google Toolbar for Chrome??

Hope now  at least Google comes up with its own version of fully loaded Toolbar icon smile Have you tried Google Toolbar for Chrome??

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We will update you as and when we get any info about the Final Google Toolbar.

Vinay Gowda

Working in IT industry from past couple of years. An Android app developer. Mad about keeping me updated about latest tech news.


    • Even we didn't know :) But explored it!! try and give a feedback Pablo :)

  1. until now I am using bookmarking bar, should try this one.
    .-= Hariharakumar´s last blog ..Geeky T-Shirt – Flash and his Poisonous Apple =-.

  2. I have been hoping for something like this! Its the only thing that has kept me from using chrome full time at home.

    Thanks for pointing this out!
    .-= mark´s last blog ..3 Steps To Finding Your Balance =-.

    • i'm glad that this Toolbar bringing you back to chrome :) Thanks for the comment mark :)

  3. Nice tool.Didn't know about this, will download :).
    .-= Shabnam Sultan´s last blog ..Google Chrome OS to be released by year end =-.

  4. well, have not yet tried but i'm going to format my windows and will re-install everything and then will try it out for sure and will give you some feedback too :) thanks for the post :D

    • i will be waiting for your feedback bro :) thanks for the comment :D

  5. Again, awesome post Vinay. Till now, i never knew google chrome had some many features. Seems like i'l start loving chrome as well. Trying out the toolbar now :)
    .-= Neeraj Kumar´s last blog ..Google Adds Background Image Customization Feature To Homepage =-.

    • Chrome has many feature bro :) Just waiting for it to rock. I am a hard core fan of Chrome :) Hope even you will switch to chrome and have a walk-through on it :)

    • Tough to find bro :) But never tired :) Thanks for the comment Ganesh :)

  6. If I talk about toolbar, I'm only using SEOQuake in Chrome. I just wish Google come with their official toolbar, however I don't need any as I still use Firefox most.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..3 Misconception every beginner blogger should aware of =-.

    • Even we are waiting for Google to come up with its official Toolbar bro :)

  7. Vinay, this mini toolbar is comprehensive one and have more features then anyother browser addon. I will name it as Combo addon. Thanks for sharing.

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