Google Chrome 8 Build Started – Clouding Here!

Google Chrome11 Google Chrome 8 Build Started   Clouding Here!

Google started building next version of Chrome browser. We must agree Google is sticking to its strategy of releasing new Chrome version once in every 6 weeks.

We have been updating you guys about the every move of Google Chrome 7. Its been almost a month back we started updating about Chrome / Chromium 7. Today as usual we downloaded latest build and started testing it and here is it! A new shocking news.

Google today switched its build version to Chrome / Chromium 8. The launch of Chromium 8 closes the feature set for Chrome 7 which got some great features in it.

google chrome 7 0 517 36 beta1 Google Chrome 8 Build Started   Clouding Here!

Well the Chrome 7 build version numbers ended after integrating many new features as compared to features of Chrome 6. We would like to wrap-up some of our posts which explained in detail about Chrome 7.

  1. 7 Notable Changes in Chromium 7! : Faster, Side Tabs, GPU Acceleration
  2. Chrome 7 beats other browsers in HTML5 Test! : Chrome 7 scored 270(262 + 8 bonus) points out of 377 in HTML5 test.
  3. Google Instant Search Integrated in Chrome 7! : Well the much anticipated feature which Google released for web, Instant search got integrated to Chrome 7.

All these features were tested in nightly build releases. But the first public beta of Chrome 7 released with side tabs and Integrated Google Instant Search.

download google chrome 8 image2 Google Chrome 8 Build Started   Clouding Here!

google chrome 8 0 550 build image1 Google Chrome 8 Build Started   Clouding Here!

As we said before, Google has started building Chrome 8 and as usual we can expect some new things being integrated. Chromium 8 initial build is still not having any changes as compared to last nightly build of Chrome 7.

But Chrome 7 first beta just included Instant search and Side tabs. There is no update that Google is going to integrate Google Cloud Print in Chrome 7. So we may get Google Cloud Print service enabled in Chrome 8.

Lets get ready for experiencing some amazing features getting integrated in Chrome browser. As expected Google will release Chrome 8 by this year end.

Watch out for more about Google Chrome. We will update you with every move of Chrome and its strong domination in browser war.

So what you think about Google strategy? Will Chrome 8 make any difference in browsers war? Share it icon smile Google Chrome 8 Build Started   Clouding Here!

Vinay Gowda

Working in IT industry from past couple of years. An Android app developer. Mad about keeping me updated about latest tech news.


  1. Lol I think you are chrome lover, every time talks about chrome.

    and could you mind explaning me what is Google Cloud Print service ?

    • Even I feel the same buddy. Hope we get to see many things in final release :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mani :)

  2. I love Google Chrome and it is practically all I use now, but they need the "View Background Image" or "Copy Background" image options in the right click, these still make me go to Firefox once and a while.

    One more thing, may want to use a div style tag and center your blog directory logos at the bottom of site, they look kind of strange smushed to the left.

    • Are you speaking about "Save image" option buddy?

      About directly logos at bottom, I'm working it bro :)

      Thanks for sharing your view Justin :)

  3. That's really nice i am waiting for it.Updating means Will see something new services and new updates.Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah! Chrome is catching up FF as sooner no one would have thought :)

      Nice to see you here after long time Shabnam :)

  4. Chrome 7's hardware acceleration and Instant integration has definitely added to its fan following which had already acknowledged its speed and stability before. The new features were really good. But inspite of release of the final Chrome 7 version, the news of the release of 8 beta is quite strange. However, the Google Cloud Point service scheduled in the upcoming 8 beta sounds really exciting.

  5. Nice feature but I rarely use Google Chrome.. Left it when it was in v4. Mostly I stick to Safari (Love the way it renders pages) and Firefox

  6. Google Chrome v.93, coming soon! :)

    Seriously they need to stop that version game, it looks pretty stupid by now. I don't even see what's the point in having those numbers. You can't use older version of Google Chrome (unlike other browsers), so basically everyone has nearly same browser (well, yeah dev-stable, still pretty much everyone has the same).

    • But I feel Google is updating its browser very fast pace as compared to other browsers.

      Thanks for sharing your views :)

  7. Well, I am not gonna use the beta version. Anyways thanks for sharing this information

    • Ya I agree beta version is very unstable buddy. Lets wait for final version :) Thanks for the comment sathish.

  8. Wow, that sounds great but right now i am using Firefox and i don't use Google Chrome often so i am not aware of its updates. Thanks for the info!!! Nice share!!!

  9. I must say, I prefer Firefox. Think Chrome is not as good. Google cannot do everything.

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