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    • Please share your views on the application after u try buddy :)

      Thanks for the comment :)

  1. Nice to know for the PC users. Some people does not like the web apps. But I love them.

    • Try this application buddy :) If you are a Facebook user, then surely you will like :) Thanks for the comment :)

    • Thanks a lot for your words buddy :) Keep visiting here for more contents :)

    • After trying let us know if we have missed anything here :) Will add under your name :)

  2. This is looks pretty similar to Facebook itself (colors n all)

    Is the script base made up of Silverlight or its the old,slow IE Browser profile ?

  3. At last a Facebook app worth checking out. You have written a very good review about it, can't wait to start using it

    • Hope you would have started using it by now Saket :) Nice to see you here :)

  4. sure it's great but… in my country which is having a low bandwidth capability, this application make me waiting for every action… 10-15 minutes… Silverlight for Facebook great for low bandwidth user…

    can you fix this Fishbowl to low bandwidth user? please… this software is so damn good…!!!

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