Firefox 4 Beta 10 Planned For January 24 & Beta 11 By 31!

firefox 41 Firefox 4 Beta 10 Planned For January 24 & Beta 11 By 31!Mozilla is back again with some news and they are trying to make their promise strong this time. We all saw some great new features, clean and chromified Firefox browser.

Mozilla team is already very late and delayed more than 3months in releasing Firefox 4.0. But Mozilla team has planned to release Firefox 4.0 by February end. Hope we won’t see anymore delays!

Beta 9 and Updates

firefox 4 beta 9 image Firefox 4 Beta 10 Planned For January 24 & Beta 11 By 31!

Last week Mozilla released Beta 9 and we saw some more new features added to it. Faster bookmarking and Startup and Per-compartment garbage collection were some of the new features added in Beta 9.

And it also got new database called IndexedDB. IndexedDB is an API for client-side storage of significant amounts of structured data and for high performance searches on this data using indexes. It is based on a W3C Working Draft for Indexed Database API.

Beta 10 and Beta 11 – 2 more to go!

firefox 4 beta 10 pre image Firefox 4 Beta 10 Planned For January 24 & Beta 11 By 31!

Well Mozilla has made a good move to release 2 more beta’s before RC. To control risk for the RC the plan is to do two betas (10 and 11) rather than hold beta 10 for all betaN hardblockers. This will give them a week of beta coverage for the 318 bug fixes while still allowing beta coverage for the remaining betaN hardblockers.

Mozilla team also said that,

Code freeze for beta 10 and 11 will also be a bit different. Previous betas closed the tree to stabilize and reduce beta risk. At this point in development, every day counts–we cannot shut down mozilla-central over the weekend as we have done before.

And about the bugs and hard-blockers count,

  1. More than 318 bugs have been marked fixed since beta 9.
  2. 57 hardblockers left for Beta 11.
  3. 39 final hardblockers left for RC.

Its more clear now that we may expect FF 4.0 RC by early February as planned by Mozilla development team. And final FF 4.0 by end of February.

Hope Mozilla won’t delay it anymore and we all get to have hands on most awaited Firefox 4.0 icon smile Firefox 4 Beta 10 Planned For January 24 & Beta 11 By 31! Watch out this space for more updates. Cheers icon wink Firefox 4 Beta 10 Planned For January 24 & Beta 11 By 31!


[Update]Firefox 4 Beta 9 Delays; Now Between January 14-18!

firefox 41 [Update]Firefox 4 Beta 9 Delays; Now Between January 14 18! As the browsers war are increasing the heat with Microsoft release its first RC of Internet Explorer 9, Google inching towards Chrome 9 release and Firefox planning to ship final version by February end. We are expecting some update by Opera as well.

Upon all these, we got some more interesting thing to add on to browser war. Here what they are,

Firefox 4 Beta 9 Between January 14-18!

Well till yesterday we were expecting the release of Firefox 4 Beta 9 as it was scheduled by Mozilla. Firefox 4 Beta 9 is currently in a freeze state and first Beta builds have been posted to the company’s FTP server. And pre-beta build has been teased to beta 10.

We still expecting some reason for the delay. But developers are pressing hard towards shipping final version of Firefox which is planned for February end!

As of now there are 143 hard blocking bugs currently left. And it’s been told that it usually takes Mozilla about six weeks until a remainder of 100 bugs in a new browser version is fixed.

Well we can expect Firefox 4 Beta 9 anytime between January 14 to 18. May be Mozilla is planning to freeze Beta 9 as last beta before Firefox 4.0 RC.

Watch out this space for more info icon wink [Update]Firefox 4 Beta 9 Delays; Now Between January 14 18!


Mozilla Planning To Ship Final Firefox 4.0 By February End!

firefox 41 Mozilla Planning To Ship Final Firefox 4.0 By February End!Mozilla has been working very hardly towards its next big release Firefox 4.0. As you all know Firefox 4.0 release was planned to go live on mid of October, 2010 and it has been delayed for nearly 3months now! And still they are not done yet!

Mozilla has scheduled to release Firefox 4 Beta 9 for today and they have updated their branch to Beta 10 which is available under Minefield version of Firefox 4.

firefox 4 beta 10 minefield image Mozilla Planning To Ship Final Firefox 4.0 By February End!

Tech Link: Download Firefox 4.0 Beta 10 pre-release.

In yesterday’s discussion, Damon Sicore, senior director of engineering at Mozilla stressed Firefox developers to press hard now and said,

We’ve worked tremendously hard on Firefox 4, and it’s time to ship it.  I’m seeing the same burst of excitement and activity that we’ve seen in the endgame of every release.  Over the past several days, component leads have again reduced their blockers by identifying hard blockers and those we can live without.

We’ve around 160 hard blockers remaining, and historically it has taken us six weeks to reach RC once we have 100 blockers left.

Well to reach this target Damon noted 3 points to achieve it,

  1. We have to reach Release Candidate status as quickly as possible, ideally finishing the hard blockers by the beginning of February and shipping final before the end of February.
  2. Bug counts demand another beta. We’ll drive the beta bugs to zero and ship another beta. If we can’t get them to zero in reasonable time, we’ll repeat, deliberately.  It depends on how quickly we can drive down the list of hard blockers that need beta feedback.
  3. We need *everyone* to help in testing.

Well these are the three important points he put in front of all developers to look out for. As said above, it is confirmed that Firefox is left with one more beta i.e. Beta 10 before Release Candidate and final Firefox 4.0.

Mozilla is working hard to handle Flash, Silverlight, or other major plugins and they are not ready to disable any of them. And to provide crashes free Firefox 4.0 for Windows user by having properly hardware accelerated.

In the end, Damon had to boost enthusiasm of tired developers and said,

I know you’re all tired and stressed. You all do incredible work every day, and you’ve built an amazing product. Stay focused. Be nice to each other. Firefox 4 is gonna kick ass, and you should be fiercely proud of it.

This is your product, we need you to own it.

That was very kind words by Damon to hard worked Firefox 4.0 developers.

We can expect full fledged version of Firefox 4.0 by end of this February. And about our browser war, it’s going to great when Firefox 4.0 meets Google Chrome 10 and IE9 RC.


Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated!

Browser war chrome 9 firefox 4 Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated!

Hope you all welcomed 2011 with all happiness and wished for great year ahead! Even we took an opportunity to wish our readers with best 100+ 2011 New Year wallpapers.

Well here we got our first news from our browser war! Mozilla and Google are back with browser stories. Here we go with what’s new from Mozilla and Google,

Firefox 4 Beta 9

firefox 41 Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated!After a very long vacations Mozilla team is back to their work and announced their next beta launching date. Firefox 4 beta 9 will be out by next weekend i.e. on January 13.

Following the list of bugs that are blocking Firefox 4 as of today,

  • Firefox 4.0 Beta 9
    • blocking: 136
    • fixed: 83
    • open: 53
  • Firefox 4.0 RC
    • blocking: 1427
    • fixed: 1170
    • open: 257
  • Firefox 4.0 final
    • blocking: 1315
    • fixed: 1124
    • open: 191

As you can see Firefox development team is left with 53 bugs and they are all set to release Beta 9. They are planned to code freeze beta 9 by this Friday, 2011-01-07. Branch and build on Monday, 2011-01-10. And final release of beta 9 to audience on Thursday, 2011-01-13.

As you all know Mozilla team is way behind Firefox 4 release. Last beta of Firefox was released on December 21. Beta 8 was more than 4 weeks late, continuing a history of delays of the Firefox 4 beta phase. Still beta 10 is left before first RC of Firefox 4.

We may expect first RC by end of first quarter of 2011. And also to make room for Firefox 4, Mozilla team has decided to stop shipping Firefox 3.6 as soon as possible! This will surely cost them as they started loosing market share to Google Chrome.

Update: Firefox 4 Beta 9 Delayed; Now Between January 14-18!

Google Chrome 9 Beta

Google Chrome Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated!Google today updated their Chrome 9 beta. As planned, Google has stick to their strategy and kept releasing new version of Chrome once in every six weeks.

The major updates of Chrome 9 beta which was released on December 16 was Sandboxed Flash Player, Chrome Instant and WebGL was now enabled by default.

Build 9.0.597.42 is nothing more than a minor update to Chrome 9.0, an aspect visible from the small version number increase from the last Beta namely 9.0.597.19.

Well the Chrome has become one of the major player in browser war as they had a great 2010! According to Net Applications, Chrome finished 2010 extremely close to the 10% usage share milestone. More importantly, statistics indicate that while Firefox is all but stagnating, and with Internet Explorer continuing to lose users, Chrome is growing at an accelerated pace.

IE9 First RC by January End!

ie logo Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated!Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to release the Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 9 by the end of January 2011.

The Redmond company has yet to confirm or deny third-party reports that claim to already have the IE9 RC availability deadline, or to comment in any way on the matter at hand.

That is all for now. The top three big guns of browser war are back with some breaking news on early 2011. Hope to have a very great year in browsing world!

Do you think Firefox 4 will get back strongly on browser war? How IE9 RC going to change the browser war? Share your thoughts and let us know your point icon smile Firefox 4 Beta 9 On January 13, Chrome 9 Beta Updated! Cheers!


Mozilla Will Soon Stop Shipping Firefox 3.6 To Users!

firefox 41 Mozilla Will Soon Stop Shipping Firefox 3.6 To Users!As you all know Mozilla development team is way behind its schedule in releasing Firefox 4.0. Mozilla had decided to release Firefox 4.0 in middle of November. But they are still stuck up with more than 450 blockers to fix-up.

Well as said before in our previous article, Firefox 4 Beta 8 will be shipped to user in sometime today. Beta 8 is still not officially out in the market as Mozilla team is investigating one possible issue before being ready to push live.

But you can download the latest build of Beta 8 through ftp server here. When the official download link goes live later today, Firefox will be available in 57 languages.

firefox 4 beta 8 Mozilla Will Soon Stop Shipping Firefox 3.6 To Users!

According to the release notes of Firefox 4 Beta 8, there are three main updates

  • The Firefox Sync setup experience has been greatly improved across desktop and mobile devices
  • Speed, functionality, and compatibility improvements to WebGL
  • Additional polish for the Firefox Add-ons Manager

Blocker/Bug Report:

In today’s Firefox/Gecko Development Meeting, Mozilla team said they have following number of bugs in their plate,

This clearly tells Firefox 4 Beta 9 will be available before this year end.

End of Firefox 3.6!

firefox 3.6 Mozilla Will Soon Stop Shipping Firefox 3.6 To Users!

Well here comes the shocking news for all. As Mozilla is inching towards the first RC of Firefox 4.0, they want to shut Firefox 3.6 to clear path for Firefox 4.

Currently Mozilla team is fixing about 40 blockers per week. As said above they have 466 blockers in totally and it may take 10-12 weeks to clear them. So the team is looking at 10-12 more weeks of development time, which still isn’t fast enough.

Keeping all this in mind Mozilla has started thinking about the future of Firefox 3.6 and they may stop shipping it anytime from now.

Will Mozilla team get hit by this early decision? Please share your views icon wink Mozilla Will Soon Stop Shipping Firefox 3.6 To Users!