How to surf Facebook in different colors


Are you bored of Facebook with it’s default color BLUE ,Although the Default Blue color is liked by most of the Facebook users. But sometimes you need to change the color based on your likes and sometimes mood 😉 . At that time  not to worry , below is a  trick through which you can surf or browse Facebook in random and different colors.

To see Facebook in different colors , you must have the following requirements :

  1. Firefox or Flock Browser
  2. Auto-Colorizer For Facebook

Now install the Greasemonkey addon as shown in our previous post and then install the userscript  Auto-Colorizer For Facebook by clicking here. See the below screen shot to install the userscript or else read the instructions to use this script using Greasemonkey here.

Install usercript

As i have told you that you can change the colour of the Facebook based on your likes and moods 😉 , but here in this trick it automatically changes the color of the Facebook based on the first image color present in it. Have a look at the below screen shots:

Use Facebook in different colours Use Facebook in different colours Use Facebook in different colours1

Note: Using this addon will slow your browser , so better use it on high configured systems which has enough graphics and RAM support 😉

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    Vivek Krishnan
    April 30, 2010 Reply

    Thanks a lot for the share!Great info

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    May 21, 2010 Reply

    is that rockcityfunk wow he is kool nice post

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    Chad Mathison
    July 7, 2010 Reply

    Uninstall (???) Auto-colorizer for Facebook. - You have the instructions listed to install... now, how do I stop it?

    • avatar image
      Sunil Jain
      July 13, 2010 Reply

      It's very easy buddy :) Just go to the greasemonkey icon which is displayed in the right bottom corner of your browser and right click on it => Manage User scripts Then there you could see all the user scripts which you are using and uninstall it easily. Thanks for the query Chad :)

      • avatar image
        Chad Mathison
        July 13, 2010 Reply

        Well... I don't have it down there. So... I installed Firefox since I'm running on Chrome and I'm getting indications that I could uninstall with Firefox. - Not that way either. - I *kind of don't care, but I might someday. - I like the Multi-Colored Facebook, now, yet when I first got it: that was a rough transition. - Going from one color to multiple ones all the time: hard, and it shouldn't have been that way. - I still can't figure out how to uninstall in case I'd like to, sometime. Again: no Greasemonkey icon... it's no where in a search. - And -- sorry buddy, but - *I Love Blogging - and this ordeal has gone out to a bunch of people with a referral to (a competitor site?) - "Chameleon"... which has a clear Uninstall option. - But, you could try to make it up to me. -- And I am letting my network know that you're trying. - Thanks.

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