Comparison – Apple iPhone 4G Vs HTC EVO 4G!

This is a guest article by Kavita Arora, Who works for GO-Globe.com, a Guangzhou Website Development and web design shanghai company that provides web design solutions in Shenzhen, Beijing, etc.

HTC is very well-known for its innovative & feature rich mobile phones. Today HTC is launching series of smartphones and become the fastest growing company in the field of mobile phones & Smartphones. Within a month HTC has launched more than 5 smartphones each having unique features.

HTC has joined hand with reliance communication to provide CDMA devices in India. HTC is creating a niche for them to provide variety of handsets in Indian market with variety of functions and features.

Apple iPhone 4 Vs HTC EVO 4G Comparison   Apple iPhone 4G Vs HTC EVO 4G!

Apple being a strong contender to the entire mobile, laptop manufacturer’s stand in a recognized different environment and above all, due to its quality product. Apple has made its powerful and strong reputation in the market. Apple provide variety of electronic devices from mobile phones to iPod all are considered as rank 1 in the industry for its function and their supporting features.

Here I am gonna compare 2 best phones from these two brands

Operating System & Processor

iPhone 4 will change your experience that you have never seen before with a 1 GHz A4 processor. It is also known as iPhone HD, and powered with latest iOS 4.x operating system which supports multitasking features, inbox that support multiple services, game center and enterprise user.

HTC EVO 4G is powered by Qualcomm QSD8650 chipset which contains 1GHz  snapdragon A8 microprocessor, Aderno 200 GPU. EVO runs Android 2.1 Eclair operating system. EVO has same touch sensitive button like all other android powered phones has like Button for Menu option, Home, Back, Search and a multifunction sleep/wake button is also their to control phone calls .

Display & Camera

iPhone 4 has a 3.5- inch TFT Capacitive Touch screen display with a Resolution of640 x 960 pixels resolution, which is much higher than the previous 3GS model. It has a typical retina display that a human can easily see from a distance of 10 to 12 inches. It supports 5 megapixels camera which has 2592 x 1944 pixels and autofocus, LED flash with 2 megapixels front camera for video calling.

HTC EVO has 4.3- inches display having 65k colors with 480 x 800 pixels with 8 megapixel Auto focus camera and resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels that support facetime video calling which has 1.3 megapixel front facing camera.

Memory and connectivity

iPhone 4 is having internal memory of 16/32 GB and 512 MB RAM. iPhone has connectivity of 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n , Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR wireless technology, USB 2.0.  It has an option which by default support Microsoft Bing as a by default search engine.

HTC EVO 4g has internal memory consist of 1GB of ROM and 512MB of RAM and has a card slot for micro SD card upto 32GB. The device comes pre installed with 8 GB class 2 micro SDHC card which is  extendable upto 32 GB and a connectivity of  Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n , Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP,WiMAX 802.16.

Other Features

iPhone 4 have standard Li- ion battery and a stand by time of 600 hrs, accelerometer sensor, Google Maps, proximity sensor, social networking integration with live updates, scratch resistant surface and  is available in Black and white colors.

HTC EVO has CDMA 800/1900 technology, battery capacity of 1500mAh with stand by time of 146H, HDMI Port, Google Search, You Tube, Flicker , Twitter apps ,GPS Support  and is available in black and white color.Ease to access internet wherever you are.

Which phone would you choose as a winner from these two? Do share your opinion with us.

Kavita Arora

Kavita Arora works for GO-Globe.com, a Guangzhou Website Development and web design shanghai company that provides web design solutions in Shenzhen, Beijing, etc.


  1. Both are great gadgets, and HTC has made great advancements from the G1 days. Can't believe that rumors of iPhone 5 are already here.

  2. a friend oy mine just got and HTC desire and I can say that it's pretty nice.. it definitely competes with iPhone 4… but still, iPhone wins, especially for the design
    Bani recently posted..Groom Wedding Speech

  3. I agree that the iPhone is still king, but HTC does have some pretty sweet phones coming out. Regardless, all the companies are going to have to keep up with each other to make the best phones = we, the customers win! :)
    TradeTechSports recently posted..Update- How High will Gas Go

  4. I like the HTC phone a lot, but currently I'm an Iphone user; that won't change for a few years until HTC proves their phones have the reliability and quality that apple is known for.
    Jeremy recently posted..Eat Fruit- Fight Fat

  5. My buddy just got the HTC thunderbolt…its a pretty sweet phone. I think if they can improve the screen to the retina display it will be a real contender against the iphone. I don't really like the size, but Im sure some people are going to really like having a bigger screen.
    Travis recently posted..Why Google should fear Facebook adding a Search Engine

  6. iphone inspired most of the technology that HTC uses. The same way the new Samsung Galaxy copied not only the design but also most of the features of the iphone. I saw in the news that there is going to be a long lawsuit about that.
    Segeln recently posted..Ostern in Kroatien

  7. I would go for iPhone 4. It’s perfect and it’s everything. From my basic needs (call, sms, mms, organiser) to complex ones, it does not leave my side. I think it would take years before I would try HTC because I really can’t find reasons why I should do so.
    Aybi recently posted..SEO and the Power of Words!

  8. Iphone is much better than HTC.I have used both of them and Iphone is far ahead than HTC in terms of applications, games and battery life.Applications for Apple iphone are moe easily available.Moreover battery life of iphone is better than HTC.
    Harry recently posted..Samsung W200 Camcorder Features Review

  9. The battery is perfectly fine. Keep in mind, it is 1300mAh. The Evo comes with 1500 mAh battery

  10. Both IPHONE and HTC mobiles are pretty cool branded phones, according to me iphone gets more applications that are useful for the business purpose. The competition between them gives the future generation mobiles for the users.

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