Change Facebook Login Background Using Chrome Extension!

Google Chrome Facebook Refresh Extension

Tired of boring and same old Facebook background image? Yes? Even we! At least they should change login page. But its been a long time that we have seen only features being added and there is no graphics update on Facebook.

Well here we found a good Google Chrome extension which gives all authority to user. It’s time to Refresh your Facebook with your own custom homepage design! Something like Twitter background image change.

Facebook Refresh!

Facebook Refresh is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to set a custom image URL as your Facebook homepage wallpaper. Well the great advantage is, you can customize your Facebook login page at anytime and endlessly! Yes, you can change the background how much ever time you like :)

Follow the steps given to enjoy Facebooking,

Step 1:

Download Facebook Refresh extension here.

Step 2:

Installed? Now type chrome://extensions/ on URL bar.

Step 3:

Click on the Options below to Facebook Refresh extension. It will open a new tab asking for Image URL.
Google Chrome Facebook Refresh Extension Options

Step 4:

Now goto any website and get the image URL like, and click on Save.
Google Chrome Facebook Refresh Extension URL

Tech Tip: Search for a image of your screen resolution for better usage :)

Step 5:

You are done! Now goto and see the change.

Google Chrome Facebook Refresh Extension Final

Liked it? Hope so.

This extension uses CSS with minimal JavaScript. This means that it is very fast loading. The current default background image is loaded externally from a domain. It may take longer for it to load the first few times.

But the only disadvantage is you can’t use images in your desktop :( “file://” (image on your hard-drive) is not currently supported by Chrome. However, you can use some free image hosting sites. So as of now please make sure your URL begins with “http://”.

Hope you liked the extension. Please provide your feedback and share your experience with us :)

Vinay Gowda

Working in IT industry from past couple of years. Avid blogger, crazy about mobiles especially about Android powered devices! Tech is all you get out of me! Blogs at LetzWrite

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  • Mani Viswanathan

    Nice find bro. :)

    • Vinay Gowda

      Thanks Mani. :) By the way, did you try this extension?

      • Mani Viswanathan

        Yup tried it & using it :)

        The default bg itself looks gr8. Thanks for sharing this plugin.

        • Vinay Gowda

          Thanks for using Mani :)

  • Usi

    oh man, very nice, some days ago I found how to change the profile layout and this thing is nice too.

    • Vinay Gowda

      Glad that you liked it Sania :) Thanks :) Did you try this extension? Like to share something?

      • Usi

        i installed it already, and enjoying it.

        • Vinay Gowda

          Happy that you enjoying buddy ;)

  • Rohit Sane

    I am really tired of the sad login page of facebook.. Now I can make it look better as per my mood!!

    • Vinay Gowda

      Yeah bro :) Hope you enjoying it :) Thanks for the comment.

  • Greg (CustomChromer)

    Thanks for featuring my extension! I was searching Google and happened to see your post about it. I really appreciate it :) I have linked back to your blog post on the extensions download page. Nice blog btw!

    • Vinay Gowda

      Thanks Greg :) Very nice extension. Update us whenever you come with new extension. Will sure review it! :)

      • Greg (CustomChromer)

        Thanks, I certainly will! This one is not new but have you seen "Facebook Rounder"? That is my most popular one. You might want to wait until version 3.0 to try it out though. Right now it's a bit buggy :p I will be fixing it up in the next week or two.

        • Pradeep Kumar

          @Greg – U rock bro.. waiting for the FR 3.0 will be eyeing your page for it.. Keep up the good work

          @Vinay – as usual u always rock my lil bro…

          • Greg (CustomChromer)

            Thanks! I have released Facebook Rounder 3.0 as of today.

          • Vinay Gowda

            Pradeep: Thanks for your kind words bro. :)

          • Vinay Gowda

            Greg: Thanks for updating us buddy. Will review it and share our comments with you.

          • Greg (CustomChromer)

            As of right now, Facebook has changed some of their CSS so Facebook Rounder it's not working as it should. I'll have an update out in a couple days. Thanks for reviewing it!

        • branden mikal

          i'm forced to use firefox; any change we'll have this extension for firefox? would love to have one.

  • Latest9

    Lovely Idea mate. I love Facebook.

    • Vinay Gowda

      Hope you liked this extension as well bro :) If you can share some experience with us :)

  • Jaydip Parikh

    Hey ! Superb. I used to login to Facebook manytimes a day and Chrome is my Fav browser too. This is really deadly combination, Wonderful info mate.

    • Vinay Gowda

      Glad to know that you like Chrome and Facebook mate :) Thanks for sharing your views.

  • Marc

    nice extension… i'm actually enjoying it…

  • julia

    Thank you for this. I like to see something different.

  • Rajesh Chaukwale

    Nice find friend. Well, I am a Firefox lover. But, will check out this hack on Chrome.

  • Kundan Raj Bhattarai

    I had used this extension before. It works fine. But I personally prefer the default background for Facebook.