Taste the next version – Firefox 4.2 Alpha is here!

Firefox 4 Twitter Party image Taste the next version   Firefox 4.2 Alpha is here!

Well, finally Firefox 4 is here! Hope you all downloaded the latest browser by Mozilla which seems to be best ever browser made by them. Do you agree with me?

Many of you know that Firefox 4 download count on day 1 was almost twice the count of IE9’s day 1 downloads which clearly says Firefox is back on browsers war and already giving a tough competition to Internet explorer 9.

We know that is old news now and every one of you would have come know about it! But, at the time of writing this article Firefox 4.0 was downloaded more than 22 million times and no signs of slowing down   browser’s momentum(at least for now!).

Tech Link: Have a look at Firefox 4 Download Count!

fierfox 4 rc1 image Taste the next version   Firefox 4.2 Alpha is here!

Many of you would have thought after Fx4 Mozilla will start with Firefox 5. But Mozilla has some other release plan in between them!

Discussion held on March 18, 2011, Mozilla’s Christian Legnitto said,

There has been some discussion and uneasiness about the point release plan between Firefox 4 and Firefox 5. Yes, there will be at least one Firefox 4.x release.

Well Mozilla has already reserved 16 weeks for releasing Firefox 5. Now why Firefox 4.x release? This version mainly includes the fixes for bugs found during Firefox 4 release.

From now on to reduce version confusion and be explicitly clear the updates Firefox development will be referred to by codenames. Additionally, the update order maps to codename alphabetical order so you can easily see which comes first just by looking at the codename.

There will be mainly two updates between Firefox 4 and Firefox 5. These are names as Anteater and Macaw.

Firefox 4.2 alpha image Taste the next version   Firefox 4.2 Alpha is here!

Well just three days after the release of Firefox 4, Mozilla has already released the next version of Firefox in nightly builds. This version is named as Firefox 4.2.

As said before, “x” has been replaced by 2 in Firefox 4.x!

But maybe there will be another preceding version 4.0.x before Firefox 4.2 which is codenamed as Anteater!

As far now, it appears that only after it will deliver Firefox 4.0.x and Firefox 4.2, Mozilla will move forward and produce Firefox 5.0.

Early adopters can download Alpha version of Firefox 4.2 here. But be careful as this version may have many security glitches and may bite you icon razz Taste the next version   Firefox 4.2 Alpha is here!


[Official] Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 To Launch On March 14!


Download Internet Explorer 9 IE9 RTW Starting on March 14 2011 2 [Official] Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 To Launch On March 14!

Before we start with our latest and breaking news, we would like to remind you all again that “Browsers war has heated up and ready to take battle ground“!

Well the most expected news from Microsoft is out today and it seems like they are not going to delay anymore like Mozilla!

With in less than week from now, Internet Explorer users will get an download link for the new beauty of the web Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft has confirmed today that it will release IE9 to web on March 14th, 2011, at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Ryan Gavin, a senior director of IE business and marketing said,

The New Internet Explorer 9 IE9 Logo1 [Official] Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 To Launch On March 14!

Exactly twelve months from the first Platform Preview of IE9, on Monday March 14th we will celebrate the developers and designers who are making a more beautiful web for all of us.  We will release the final version of Internet Explorer 9 for download beginning at 9 p.m. Pacific.

Microsoft had never stopped giving us a surprises and here comes another one. And MS still keeps an copyright for surprises by telling “there are lot of new amazing to share”.

What is that now?

IE9 has already been downloaded in excess of 36 million times according to Microsoft. And started acquiring bit of market share already!

Well lot more to come. Hope we could see strong HTML5 compatible browser from Microsoft. Google Chrome 10 is already running on high note by scoring 306 out of 400 points in HTML5 test. Firefox, Opera and Safari are fighting hardly for second place!

Keep watching this space for download link and more and more updates!


Top 10 Features of Chrome 10!

Google Chrome Top 10 Features of Chrome 10!

Here comes an yet another new version of Google Chrome. Google today updated chrome to version 10 with some great features and improvements.

Three weeks back only Google had updated its beta version to Chrome 10 and as said before, Google has stuck to its base rule of release new copy of Google Chrome once in every six weeks!

Here are the speedier, simpler and safer Chrome 10 features,

#1. New version of V8

google chrome 11 v8 javascript performance image1 Top 10 Features of Chrome 10!

With today’s stable release, even your most complex web apps will run more quickly and responsively in the browser. For the curious, this boost corresponds to a 66% improvement in JavaScript performance on the V8 benchmark suite.

#2. In-tab Settings Page

Google Chrome 11 gets an in-tab settings page by default. Rather than opening settings in dialog box Chrome now opens it in tab.

Google also added a search box that shows you the settings you’re looking for, as you type.

#3. Separate Direct Link for Each Setting

google chrome 11 search settings image Top 10 Features of Chrome 10!

You can goto settings page by typing chrome://settings/ on omnibox. It does not end here. Now user can jump directly to Basic setting page through chrome://settings/browser, personal stuff through chrome://settings/personal and under the hood through chrome://settings/advanced URL.

#4. Improved security

Google has made some security updates by adding malware reporting and disabling outdated plugins by default.

#5. Sandboxed Adobe Flash

Finally, you will be even safer as you speed around the web. Google extended Chrome’s sandboxing technology to the integrated Flash Player in Chrome. So if you are using Windows Vista or newer versions, you will benefit from the additional layer of protection against malicious webpages.

#6. Chrome Sync now enabled by default

After Firefox, Chrome gets an sync feature enabled by default. For those of you who save your passwords in the browser, you can now quickly log on to the websites you frequent even when you switch computers, by simply synchronizing those passwords across your computers.

You can also encrypt those passwords with your own secret passphrasefor extra security. To enable sync on each of your computers, visit the “Personal Stuff” section in Chrome’s settings (or just type “sync” in the settings search box).

User can also choose to sync bookmarks, extensions, preferences, themes and more!!

#7. GPU Accelerated Video

This release also includes a preliminary implementation of GPU-accelerated video. Users with capable graphics hardware should see a significant decrease in CPU usage. In full screen mode, CPU usage may decrease by as much as 80%!

This means better battery life so you can keep going!

#8. Background WebApps

google chrome 11 background webapps image1 Top 10 Features of Chrome 10!

Google also adds a feature to run WebApps in background just similar to extensions.

#9. webNavigation extension API

#10.  Scores above 300 in HTML5 Test!

google chrome 11 html5 test image Top 10 Features of Chrome 10!

Well Google Chrome became a first browser to cross 300+ points out of 400 in HTML5 test. Here points speaks about the supportable HTML5 tags.

Tech Link: HTML5 test

These are the top 10 features we got in Chrome 10 stable version! Google never stopped adding great features to its Chrome browser. Hope these features will add up to Chrome’s worldwide user count and keep them more strong in browsers war.

Got anything more to share with us? Please share it by hitting comment box now icon smile Top 10 Features of Chrome 10!


Chrome Meets Opera In Version – Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

google chrome Chrome Meets Opera In Version   Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

Two and half years back Google entered browser war by introducing Chrome browser. It was in beta for long time and finally upgraded to its first version. From then the journey of Google Chrome started and today it  has reached a version which is equal to 14 year old Opera browser.

Still the 15 year old Internet Explorer is in version 9 and Firefox in version 4! Now just think about how hard Google is working towards Chrome browser.

google chrome version 11 image Chrome Meets Opera In Version   Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

Here comes an another milestone set by Google which equals Opera in versioning its browser.

Google has updated its browser Chrome to ver.11 and its beta to ver.10 today. Following are the some of the features and improvements made Chrome 11,

  • JavaScript rendering engine updated to version
  • protection against cross-site scripting attacks
  • table fixes for a few crashes as well as compatibility issues
  • XSS Auditor has been re-designed and is now enabled by default in ver.11

Tech Link: Download Chrome 11 dev.

Following are the improvements found in Chrome 10 Beta,

  • New version of V8 – Crankshaft – which greatly improves JavaScript performance
  • New settings pages that open in a tab, rather than a dialog box
  • Improved security with malware reporting and disabling outdated plugins by default
  • Password sync as part of Chrome Sync now enabled by default
  • GPU Accelerated Video
  • Background WebApps
  • webNavigation extension API

Tech Link: Download Chrome 10 Beta.

Google has set its goal to release new version of Chrome browser once in every six weeks and kept its promise by delivering it on time.

On the HTML5 test, Chrome has crossed 300 points out of 400 and now scores 306(293 and 13 bonus points). That’s a very good jump and first browser to support so many HTML5 tags.

google chrome 11 html5 test result image Chrome Meets Opera In Version   Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

V8 Javascript Benchmark

google chrome 11 v8 javascript benchmark image Chrome Meets Opera In Version   Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

Google on its official Chrome blog said,

In our new beta release, JavaScript is as quick as a bunny. With a new speed boost that we previewed in December, Chrome’s JavaScript engine V8 runs compute-intensive JavaScript applications even more quickly than before.

In fact, this beta release sports a whopping 66% improvement on the V8 benchmark suite over our current stable release.

SunSpider Javascript Benchmark

sunspider javascript benchmark results image Chrome Meets Opera In Version   Dev Channel Updated To Chrome 11

Well the latest test by Microsoft after the releasing Internet Explorer 9 RC shows that Chrome 10 development version has lost grip on SunSpider JS.

Well Google is really working hard enough to stay strong in browser war. Firefox 5’s first look has just shown some ultimate changes coming in Firefox browser. Firefox 5 will surely get back into browsers war very strongly!

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 first RC also tweaked its UI and made a strong back. Opera is currently on build its next version Opera 11.10 which code named as “Barracuda”.

Lots to come. Last but not the least! Browsers war is on and all browser are making a come strong back! Get ready to watch an ultimate war. Stay tuned for more info.


First Look At Firefox 5 – A Site Specific Browser!

firefox 41 First Look At Firefox 5   A Site Specific Browser!Almost a year back Mozilla started developing the most innovative version of its browser, Firefox 4. Till today they are busy in fixing the bugs found during building beta versions. And yes, it took a long time!

firefox 4 beta 12 image First Look At Firefox 5   A Site Specific Browser!
Upon all this, yesterday we got a latest update which said Mozilla is planning to finish Firefox 4 RC by February 25. Well again a delay. It was previously planned for mid of February and Final version by February end.

Well the Mozilla’s vice president said for Mobile Firefox, Jay Sullivan said on his website yesterday that Mozilla is planning to release Final version of Firefox by end of march.

He continued saying,

This date may, however, move back slightly more, if before that significant errors were found in the browser. More beta versions of the browser are expected until we reach zero bug.

Mozilla is yet to release Firefox 4 and has already planning how Firefox 5 should look like!

Firefox 5 is scheduled to be released by first half of this year to achieve the Mozilla’s 2011 plan. Sources have said that Mozilla has already started developing Firefox 5. Firefox 5’s UI modification will be beyond simple chromification!

This week’s UI weekly meeting pointed out some expected features or changes in Firefox 5,

  • Responsiveness
  • Improved Sharing
  • Location bar cleanup
  • Search box cleanup
  • Home tab
  • App tabs global, chromeless
  • Silent updates, stub installer, Mac install experience
  • tab sliding, plugin focus, add-ons 3 sec warning
  • New Tab
  • Taskbar web apps
  • User control over extensions

Following are some of the early looks of Firefox 5 layout,

firefox 5 cnn news tab image First Look At Firefox 5   A Site Specific Browser!

Firefox 5 CNN News Tab

firefox 5 imdb tab image First Look At Firefox 5   A Site Specific Browser!

Firefox 5 IMBD Tab

Firefox 5 site centric browser First Look At Firefox 5   A Site Specific Browser!

Firefox 5 Facebook Tab

firefox 5 twitter tab image First Look At Firefox 5   A Site Specific Browser!

Firefox 5 Twitter Tab

These images clearly says Firefox 5 will be site-specific browser just similar to Internet Explorer 9. The tab will be dedicated to the site opened on it by integrating a navigation menu and site links within a site tab.

firefox 5 search engine field image First Look At Firefox 5   A Site Specific Browser!

Firefox 5 Search Engine Field

Firefox 5 will with 240px dedicated to search engine field.

Looking at all this screenshots, Mozilla is clearly aiming for web applications by turning websites into apps. The typical Windows shortcut to a website is also changed into an actual application icon.

Well these are the latest buzz by Mozilla team to all of us. Hope you guys are excited to see the next generation of Firefox browser which will be totally different to Firefox 4! Browser war is on! Yes! Firefox is back into Browser war!

Do you have anything to share? Please hit comment box now and lets discuss about it icon smile First Look At Firefox 5   A Site Specific Browser!