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60+ Best Free 2013 New Year Desktop Wallpapers!

It’s the end of the great year 2012 (and thank God! we actually survived the so-called end of ...


Google Guide: How to Take Down Your Site (SOPA Blackout)

As a Webmaster, we always take down our sites for several reasons. It might be for maintenance, u...

Facebook Timeline

How to Remove Facebook Timeline in Chrome/Firefox

  Facebook is world’s top most used social networking site with almost 750+ million of u...

google plus one button sizes

How To: Add Official Google +1 Button to your site

Ok guys. Get ready for the yet another social war! Yes, you heard it right 🙂 Just before a day i...

Welcome to Twitter @Gmail :)

< source > Hello friends,you heard it right :), Gmail- one of the most successful Google produ...

@Google Turns 12 Years Old Today!

Do we have to wish Google? Will Google come to our page to crawl if we wish 😉 Yes! Let’s w...