[How To] Access WordPress Stats via Chrome Extension

WordPress, an ultimate blogging platform which has helped many bloggers to blog and create a community out of it. While blogging we always tend to search for tools and plugins which helps us to clutter free our blogging style and hence increasing our productivity.

For any blogger, it is very much important to keep track of their blog stats using various tools and plugins. The most two important and widely used plugins for WordPress Stats are WordPress.com Stats and Google Anlaytics, although there are many but most of the bloggers depend on these two services.

It’s a burden for any blogger (using WordPress.com Stats ) to always sign into the WordPress Dashboard again and again to check the stats of the blog, So here is a tiny chrome extension WordPress Stats using which we can access our blog stats without signing into the Dashboard.

WordPress Stats provides us 4 major stats of our blog :

  1. Referrers – It includes the sites which has sent us the most number of visitors.
  2. Top Posts – It includes the most viewed pages of the blog.
  3. Search Terms – They are the set of  keywords queried in Google and redirected to our blog.
  4. Most Clicks – It is the list of links which most users have clicked on our blog.
Below is a step by step guide on installing and configuring the chrome extension WordPress Stats to work properly :

Step 1 : Install the Extension

Download link

Step 2 : Configure the Extension

Step 3 : Access Real Time Stats


So now we can easily check our blog stats without having to sign into our Dashboard. This extension also supports free hosted WordPress blogs :D

Note : To use this extension we have to install WordPress.com Stats Plugin to our self hosted blogs.


Thanks for reading :D Hit the Comment section for any clarifications :)

Sunil Jain

I am a part-time cool blogger :D, who loves WordPress and Social Media. You can tweet with me => @gupshupblog

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  • ashutosh nigam

    very important article for all the new bloggers ……thanks for sharing

  • Tushar Agarwal

    Nice Extension, this will help us to get instant stats. No more need to sign into wordpress to check stats.

    • http://tech18.com/ Sunil Jain

      It’s a time saving extension buddy :)

  • Dheeraj Kapoor

    nic 1….its helpful for new blogger