200 best free online games at friv.com

5n8aza 200 best free online games at friv.com

Welcome back to Tech18.com, let me tell you about friv.com

Friv although being one of the top searching term in Britain for the year 2008, not many people know about this favorite website yet. It is also one of the Fastest Rising search words that has reserved a spot in Google Zeitgeist 2008.

Anyways it would my true pleasure to share with you this website named Friv.com which can be quoted as the only website that provides you with all the Very best online games. This site provides you with almost 200+ best online flash games for free and all you need is just a PC with high speed internet connection. It is not generally possible to access friv.com from a mobile/cell phone handset.

This website has been designed with a system that ensures of having only the most popular games. Whenever a new game is added it simply replaces the least popular one in the existing collection making the website a depository of the Very Best Online Games.

I have been using this from the day I came to know about it and its definitely worth a try.

Try it for yourself and post a comment with the game you liked most.
My vote would be for The Sniper. icon smile 200 best free online games at friv.com

Sunil Jain

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20 Responses

  1. TrainWreckIdeas says:

    Whoa, cool article. I am also a big fan of that picture. This is a good way to kill time, especially when you are interneting on the go.

  2. admin says:

    good post dude

  3. mehak says:

    good post dude

  4. mehak says:

    how cumz your adding a girl called nileema on hi5

  5. mehak says:

    this website rocks because it has 200 games………….

  6. admin says:

    do i know u :)

  7. admin says:

    hi mehak , do i know u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. mehak sajjad says:

    i dont know you

  9. devi says:

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  10. TASSOS says:


  11. jlsachdeva says:

    excellent experince

  12. Mobile Phone Price says:

    owesome, very-very much games

  13. Maria says:

    Yes friv.com is nice web.For more flash games visit onlinetopgames.net or shortly otgtv.net.You will find there a lot of games to play and cartoons.

  14. kendur says:

    awesome! 200 online games in one site! try to check this one too.

    pc games

  15. LeetGamer says:


    Check out neatonlinegames.com for even more free online games!

    Better yet: It's my site… :D


  16. Pc adventure games says:

    Great Post..Thanks For Sharing the nice information..I can use this Post For my future process…keep Sharing..

  17. Friv says:

    Looks good site to me…

  18. frivgames says:

    best site flash games

  19. friv says:

    i like this site

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