15 Best Pinterest Google Chrome Extensions

11. Pinterest Right Click

This extensions lets us to share any image on the webpage to Pinterest by just a “right click”. It also supports YouTube pages.

Install Pinterest Right Click

12. ShotPin

ShotPin chrome extension grabs your screenshot and sends it to Pinterest. Additionally, it has the option of selecting areas to be cropped and sending with source.

Install ShotPin

13. Quick Pin

Quick Pin lets you share the images instantly to Pinterest. It also supports Facebook images and has “Default” description option as shown above.

Install Quick Pin

14. Pin It! | Pinterest | Ctrl+Alt+P

Now you can easily Pin any webpage using the shortcut key “Ctrl+Alt+P” of the keyboard. Once you press this key combination, you get the same window popped up as using the “Pin It” Bookmarklet.

Install Pin It | Ctrl+Alt+P

15. Slinky Pinterest Button

This is a simple extension which allows one to share images to Pinterest.

Install Slinky Pinterest Button


Which extension would you like to use and why? Hit the Comment section and Thanks for Reading 😀

Happy Pinning :)

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Sunil Jain

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  • http://www.wonderoftech.com Carolyn Nicander Mohr

    Great list, Sunil! I am getting a lot of traffic to my blog from Pinterest so I find these very helpful. I’m a big Chrome user too so this makes it easy to get the most from Pinterest. Thanks! 

    • http://tech18.com/ Sunil Jain

      Hello Carolyn :)
      Pinterest is a boon for all bloggers who are making use of images efficiently 😀 I am glad these extensions are helpful to you !!

      Thanks for commenting 😀 Happy Pinning !!

  • William Parry


    Thanks for putting my Quick Pinterest extension on there (and at no:1!).