40+ Best Free HTML5 WordPress Themes & Frameworks

HTML5, the advanced version of HTML4.01 and also the killer of Flash was one of the most trending topic in 2011. We all must be thankful to Steve Jobs and Apple Inc for not supporting Flash on their products, which resulted in the development of  HTML5. Although it’s still under development, but most of the browsers like Chrome,Firefox,Safari,Opera and Internet Explorer are supporting HTML5 is their latest version of products.

All the developers are quickly adapting to HTML5 for it’s simple presentation of a site in the form of header, footer,aside,article and section tag. Hence developing websites using HTML5 is been very easy and also beneficial as most of the smartphones and latest browsers support HTML5.

Below is a video created by Topic Simple which gives a small introduction to what is HTML5 all about:

What is HTML5? (Video)


WordPress being one of the most popular blogging platform and used by almost 40% of bloggers worldwide (source). So today I thought out digging out the best html5 based WordPress Themes, but guess what most of the good looking themes were paid version, but I don’t want to ruin my readers by listing paid WordPress themes ;).

Hence I came up with  40+ best free HTML5 WordPress Themes and Frameworks.The below listed frameworks are pretty much useful for all the developers to start off with the development of a new WordPress theme :)

Below are the 40+ best free html5 WordPress themes and frameworks to make your WordPress blog more semantic:

1. Blogolife

Demo    Download

2. TwentyTen Five


3. The Travel Theme


4. Mixfolio

Demo    Download

5. Tidyfocus

Demo     Download

6. Busby

Demo     Download

7. FreeDream

Demo    Download

8. Swift Basic WordPress Theme

Demo    Download

9. Photum WordPress Theme

Demo    Download

10. Brave New World WordPress Theme

Demo    Download

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Sunil Jain

I am a part-time cool blogger :D, who loves WordPress and Social Media. You can tweet with me => @gupshupblog

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  • Jenny She

    Bravo! Sunil,

    This is excellent post with lots and lots of information. Wow, I am indeed surprised to learn of so many great themes that are available in wordpress.  We live in a busy world and hardly have time to search carefully in such a detailed manner like you have done here!  Thank you for sharing!

    • http://tech18.com/ Sunil Jain

      Hi Jenny :)
      It took a lot of time, but I did enjoy while digging this themes !

      Thanks for the comment :D

  • http://www.ruhanirabin.com/ Ruhani Rabin

    Nice one dude :) 

    • http://tech18.com/ Sunil Jain

      Thanks a lot buddy :)
      This means a lot to me as it’s coming from you :D
      Happy Blogging !!

  • http://arkarthick.com/ A.R.Karthick

    Awesome collection bro. Some of these are up there and give premium themes run for their money. Thank you! :)

    • http://tech18.com/ Sunil Jain

      I am glad that you liked it bro :)
      You can call these themes as Freemium (Free+Premium) WordPress Themes and the best part is they all are HTML5 based which is the future of Websites.

      Thanks for commenting :D

  • http://www.hdbloggers.com/ Kbharathbg

    good collection of themes i like the Busby Theme.